We master traditional investigation techniques, with our worldwide network of partners and sources. We bring technology to the table to perform better and faster operations and give our clients the certainty they need.


Regulatory requirements regarding customer and third party identification can be a burden, but also an opportunity. Avoid risky relationships and strengthen your screening process. We help our clients navigate anti-money laundering requirements, worldwide and efficiently, as well as provide solid profiles they can rely on.

We know the compliance requirements you face and have a way to lighten the burden. Efficient onboarding processes are a challenge: let us take the lead on the necessary escalations you may face.

Have you ever searched for someone on the internet to know more about him/her before conducting business together? There is so much more to know out there. We retrieve all information present on the public domain and known in the market by conducting complex investigations.

By conducting thorough audits and investigations on your IT and communication systems, we are able to detect, understand and analyze vulnerabilities. Let us protect your customers – and your reputation – with our cyber defense programme.


We support our clients substain their legal claims through  accurate and documented investigations, enabling them going past formalities to enforce their rights.

Whenever you suspect workplace misbehavior or wrongdoing, we are here to help you know what happened. 

We follow your product from the paper to the shelf, uncovering inefficiencies, wrongdoing or plain simple patent infringements. 

To support our clients during civil litigation, a criminal investigation, an internal investigation or simply in the context of a regulatory compliance disclosure, we need information.

Integrated discovery is the process of identifying, storing, processing, reviewing and producing information extracted and collected from electronic devices (e-mail, chat, files) and from paper-based archives.

We are able to navigate all jurisdictions looking for information valuable for your debt collection needs.

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