When you need strategic information on your clients competitors customers partners .


Every business decision is made by people. This is why we believe that examining human interactions and interests is critical when interpreting business-related events.

IPO / M&A Intelligence

Gathering reliable information during the acquisition process is crucial to minimize risk. Managing public announcements, both on the actor side and the receiving side, is necessary to safeguard negotiations. Why worry?

Reputation Due Diligence & Monitoring

Negative reputation can be friend or an enemy, as it allows to know more about a subject, or it can be built against yourself or your organization by competitors. We gather and evaluate information globally, both from the media and from confidential, local sources.

Competitive Intelligence

We find and evaluate market-entry obstacles, including the market presence of competitors, in order to enable our clients to deploy their resources wisely.

Forensic intelligence

When gathering information, we shape it into intelligence by combining it in a way that gives you the insights you need. The information gathering process is as important as its methodology. We corroborate our reports with sound and documented information.

Information Breach Intelligence

Every breach starts with a source. We find that source and gather information about the motives and the means that led to the exposure of your organization.

Counterintelligence Operations

Although we are the best, we are not the only company conducting corporate intelligence operations. We help our clients protect their interests thanks to our thorough knowledge of...pretty much everyone in the market.

Security Risk Analysis

Whether you are opening a new branch or office, or developing a new infrastructure, we have the competencies needed to assess the local threats that surround it and suggest the actions that should be taken accordingly.

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We dig information and trails from digital and human sources thanks to our technological skills and our unparalleled network of partners and sources.

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